Our mission

Eldaghayes Publisher is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration within the life sciences through its flagship journals, the Open Veterinary Journal (OVJ) and the Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (JMID). With a commitment to promoting open access to valuable research, our mission is to provide researchers, scholars, and practitioners with a platform to share their latest findings and insights with a global audience. By eliminating barriers to access and facilitating dialogue among experts in veterinary sciences, microbiology, and infectious diseases, we aim to drive scientific progress and innovation while making meaningful contributions to human and animal health. Our mission includes,

Promoting open access

We are committed to making scientific literature freely accessible to researchers, students, and professionals worldwide, enhancing the visibility and impact of research in veterinary sciences, microbiology, and infectious diseases.

Fostering collaboration

Our mission extends to fostering collaboration among researchers, scholars, and practitioners, providing a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Empowering researchers

Eldaghayes Publisher is dedicated to empowering researchers to disseminate their work and make meaningful contributions to their fields, providing them with a reputable platform to showcase their research findings and engage with the scientific community.

Advancing human and animal health

Ultimately, our mission is driven by a commitment to advancing human and animal health, supporting research that contributes to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of diseases affecting both humans and animals.

Our Mission